Eco-friendly cling wrap replacement – is it the “bees knees”?

My husband and I have been trying to reduce our use of plastic items at home for some time, but cling wrap seemed to be one of those things that were harder to replace.  Sure we could use aluminum foil, but that seemed to be just as wasteful, and from what I understand, is very energy intensive to produce. So we just tried to minimise our use of cling wrap where we could.

A couple of weeks ago I came across Abeego at the Circle Craft fair in Vancouver.  It’s a reusable cloth coated in beeswax and after seeing it in action at the demo, decided to give it a try and purchase the 3 piece kit for $16 (includes 2 square pieces in different sizes).

We were also given a free pack of little pieces that can be used a twist-ties, off-cuts which can be put to use instead of going to waste.

So far I have been very impressed with it.  The beeswax gives off a faint honey scent which is quite pleasant.  Although it can feel a bit stiff a first,  the warmth of your hands makes it pliable (and not sticky, which was something I was wondering).

I was informed that each sheet should last about one year with proper care (wash with an eco friendly dish soap in cool water, and keep away from heat – it can’t be used in the microwave for example).


  • Non-plastic replacement for cling wrap
  • Re-usable – not adding to the landfill
  • Local BC product
  • Smells nice!


  • Pricier than standard supermarket cling-wrap
  • Wouldn’t feel  comfortable using it with raw meat (not that we cook with meat that often)
  • Extra tasks (cleaning)  but worth it to not send plastic to the landfill – I just need to get into the habit.

I love that it solves a problem I had, not like some new products which seem to be looking for a problem to solve.   It’s perfect for cheese (my addiction!)  and left-overs. Plus it feels good to have an alternative option to using plastic.  We’ll probably still keep a roll of cling-wrap on hand (for now at least), though I suspect we’ll go through it much slower than we would have.

All in all, I like it and will probably get another pack as just three pieces can be a bit limiting.

Have you tried Abeego (or another plastic wrap alternative)?  I’d love to hear your feedback / comments!